OPHELIA®'S Organizing Opinions

Meet OPHELIA®, part of the Organization Rules Team

OPHELIA® became part of Organization Rules in February 2016. Offering organizing opinions and adding fun to the world of organizing, Ophelia has traveled with Organization Rules owner, Vickie Dellaquila, to conferences and speaking engagements across the country. Follow Organization Rules on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with Ophelia's organizing adventures.

The Story of OPHELIA®

One day on a flight from El Paso, Vickie thought about how to spread the word about the wonders of organizing to the world.

While on that flight from El Paso, the idea of OPHELIA was born! OPHELIA® is named after Vickie’s grandmother who happens to be from El Paso. The name 'Ophelia' has been used many times in her family and originated from the play, 'Hamlet.'

Grandmother Ophelia was an adventurous woman and of course, OPHELIA® is too!


Ask OPHELIA® for her Organizing Opinion! Do you have a question about an organizing product, technique, or strategy? Are you struggling with organizing a particular area of your home? Do you need help with time management or budgeting? Do you have a book or product you'd like OPHELIA® to review? OPHELIA® is here - providing on-line forums for transmission of messages among computer users concerning organizing products, techniques, strategy, organizing opinions, and organizing advice. Send OPHELIA® a note and your question may be answered on Organization Rules' Facebook page.